What is a “hero”?

There are the obvious answers; a fireman rushing into a burning building, the Good Samaritan who saves a complete stranger, or a soldier sacrificing her life to save the others in her platoon. But what about the every day people who are just as heroic but don’t get the press coverage? What about the parents who work three jobs so their kids can do something they never could… go to college, or the teacher who goes that extra mile to connect with a student whom everybody else has given up on?

Unknown Hero Stories is a website where you’ll meet every day heroes. The ones that don’t get press conferences called in their honor, but whose lives inspire us all. Through short films posted on this website and the dialogue that follows each, Unknown Hero Stories hopes to shine a light on some incredible people who live a heroic life each and every day.

The first hero is Francisco Jiménez; a Mexican immigrant who spent his childhood working in the fields of California picking cotton, strawberries, grapes and lettuce. His story is as much his as it is his entire family. It’s a story of how faith, education and family can help even the poorest of families make a difference.


Roberto & Francisco Jiménez return to the strawberry fields of Santa Maria after over 50 years


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